Alternative Remedies For Back Pain

Some days, back pain can be intolerable. It can make getting through your day a challenge and force you to miss out on many of life’s pleasures. Need relief? Here are some alternative remedies to help ease, or even eliminate, the pain. A few suggestions require the help of a professional, but some you can try in your own home. Finding the right solution for your back pain can help end your suffering and get you back to your life.


Ice it

It may sound simple, but applying an ice pack to your back shortly after the pain has started can help lessen pain and get your back feeling better sooner. This is because the cold from the ice will help to reduce any swelling from injuries like those caused by lifting or twisting.


Try mindful movements

Mindful movement exercises are slow, focused movements commonly used in pilates, tai chi and yoga. They can help relieve back pain and prevent future pain from arising because the movements help to stretch out the back and relieve muscle tension. These exercises can also help build core strength, making your back stronger and less susceptible to injury. If posture is a problem, building muscle in your back will make standing straight feel more natural, making it easier to do each day.


Get a massage

Seeing a qualified massage therapist for regular sessions has helped many individuals find relief from their back pain. Massage therapy helps to improve circulation, bringing added blood flow and increasing oxygen levels in the back. This helps to reduce pain cause by pressure from swelling.


Work ergonomically

Do you find yourself hunched over a keyboard for hours at a time? Or sit in an uncomfortable chair far too long? If so, creating an ergonomic workspace could provide your back with the relief it needs. Find chairs with lumbar support, keep your computer at eye level, or even try a standing desk. During the day, stop and think about your position, are you slouching in the chair? Are you leaning forward? If you work long hours at a desk, try setting an alarm to remind you to stop and pay attention to your position.


Try acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used to help people find relief from pains for over 2,000 years. Don’t worry about the needles, they are small and the procedure is virtually painless.  Acupuncture is believed to release natural chemicals into the body such as opiates and endorphins. The combination lessens pain and promotes positive feelings. So not only will your back feel better, you’ll feel better too.


Visit a chiropractor

Chiropractors use their hands, and occasionally some tools, to manipulate the body in ways that commonly relieve pain in muscles, bones, joints and connective tissues.  Manual adjustments can improve range of motion and the quality of movements, helping back pain disappear and lessening, or even preventing, future pains.


Eat fresh herbs

For generations, herbs have been used for their natural healing powers by individuals looking for an alternative form of medicine. If you are experiencing back pain, try sprinkling some turmeric or ginger on to your next meal. Both contain anti-inflammatory properties and are often used to relieve pain. Valerian root makes a delicious tea and is also a natural pain reliever that works by influencing nerves sensitivity.