Is your lower back pain treatment not working? Try this.

Is your low back pain treatment not working? One massage therapist may have the solution. Dissatisfied with the usual options of medication and/or surgery, Karden Rabin pursued some alternative methods to relieve low back pain. Massage by itself only produced mixed results or temporary relief. But when combined with appropriate exercise, true healing can occur.

Studies show that massage alone improves the conditions which cause back pain, reducing pain immediately and improving range and ease of motion. Separately, another study has also shown that pilates reduces pain and offers a greater functional ability. Rabin found that combining the two creates the optimal level of relief because massage by itself does not strengthen the muscles as effectively as pilates, but doing pilates while in pain is counterproductive to patients who cannot move through the pain or give up because it doesn’t immediately produce results.

Massage, specifically of the low back, hips, glutes, and hamstrings, works to directly reduce pain, relieving any tightness around the injury which is causing the low back pain. Once the initial pain is gone, Rabin then puts clients through a series of pilates exercise designed to strengthen core muscles and stabilize the low back, thus reducing the chance of relapse.

Rabin suggests trying to find a practitioner who also does both massage and exercise treatments, possibly a trainer. If you can’t find an all-on-one practitioner, try finding two separate people who will work together to treat you. Also, Rabin strongly recommends sticking with the program of treatment, working through at least 6 sessions in order to see lasting results.