Stretching to Effectively Help Back Pain

Back pain on any level can wreak havoc on a person’s life. Although there are times when a more aggressive approach is required, many people get relief with alternative treatment options to include stretching. Keep in mind that if you struggle with back pain, it is essential to consult with your doctor prior to using any stretching exercises because of the many dynamics involved.

In some cases stretching is not recommended at all but when it is, different methods need to be based on the cause, type, severity, and even location of the pain. The good news is that after getting the doctor’s nod of approval, there is a good chance you will experience much-needed relief. Something else to consider is whether stretching will be done at home versus in a controlled environment under supervision of a physical therapist but again, your doctor will determine the most effective and safe option.

Benefits of Stretching

The list of benefits associated with proper stretching is quite impressive. Obviously, the ultimate goal is to reduce and even alleviate back pain but in addition to this, there are numerous reasons that this alternative treatment works.

  • Strengthened Muscle – Something as simple as poor posture can cause significant pain. Sometimes, this is due to laziness or a lack of awareness but often, bad posture has to do with weakened muscles, not only in the back but also hips and legs. With the right stretching exercises, muscle is strengthened, which in turn improves posture and thereby reduces or eliminates pain.
  • Improved Circulation – Another benefit of stretching if you struggle with back pain is an increased flow of blood and vital nutrients to both cartilage and muscle. For one thing, improved circulation greatly reduces sore muscles and joints, especially after a good workout. However, you will likely experience less pain overall, which makes it easier to maintain proper posture, get involved with physical activity, and manage daily tasks more efficiently.
  • Greater Flexibility – It is common for back pain to develop because of injury to muscles, joints, and tendons, something often connected with aging. Stretching is a great remedy to achieve greater flexibility, thereby allowing the body to move with ease but more importantly, it reduces risk of injury.
  • Better Range of Motion – As with flexibility, proper range of motion is imperative to avoiding injury that can lead to the development of back pain but it also is needed to keep the body moving. As an example, with better range of motion, there is less chance of falling from poor balance but along with this, you will find the body moves better even when living with back pain.


The bottom line is that proper stretching techniques are highly effective for getting back pain under control and improving function of the body to maintain control. For this, you can choose individualized stretching methods or if preferred, get involved with an effective yet safe program or fitness regimen to include yoga and Pilates.