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Symptoms and Treatment of Back Pain

General back pain and especially for lower back due to pulled muscles can usually be treated with painkillers, and by keeping mobile. It can cause worry if the problems persist for several weeks, but the majority of sufferers feel better within a twelve week period. It is important, therefore, to maintain a positive outlook, and to follow the advice of healthcare professionals if pains and niggles continue for longer than a 6 week period.

It is important to remain as mobile as possible. Just resting can make the problem worse by causing more stiffness leading onto more pain. Continue with your usual daily activities, whilst taking painkillers if needed or prescribed. Please note, under such conditions, depending on diagnosis, exercise should be done after consulting with licensed health professional, and possibly under supervision of a health and fitness instructor.

There are cases where the symptoms will recede of their own accord and you will not need to see a doctor. Listed below are symptoms requiring medical attention:

  • fever of 38 degrees or above
  • swelling around the back
  • constant back pain that does not ease when you lie down
  • pain in and around the chest
  • unexpected weight loss
  • pain down the legs or around the knees
  • loss of bladder or bowel control, or an inability to pass urine

Using hot and/or cold packs can be used as a good treatment in relieving back pain. These can help minimize stiff sore joints and pain in any part of the back. Heat will reduce pain and muscle spasms and cold assists in bringing down swelling, as well as numbing deep pain.

In extreme cases, surgery may be required. Damaged disks or the condition osteoporosis may need surgery. Older people may suffer degenerative disk disease. When these disks are breaking down, the results can be severe pain. Spondylolisthesis is a condition that appears when one or more bones along the spine slip out of place. If infection, a nerve root issue, or a tumor are causing you to suffer back pain, surgery may then be the best option and prevent the occurrence of more trouble, a possibility if these problems are not corrected.

As mentioned at the start, a huge factor in helping yourself get over back pain is good care of emotional and mental health. It cannot be stressed enough that the mental and the physical are intrinsically linked.Those with a more positive outlook have a tendency towards speedier recovery. If you are susceptible to stress and depression and symptoms stemming from these, outside help such as counselling may prove beneficial. Remember, with any kind of physical treatment it is important to be in a correct  positive frame of mind.

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